Bayer 360° Vector Control

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History & Expertise
Our heritage of over 60 years in the field is only worth mentioning if we have something to show for it. Our accumulated expertise and experience in worldwide vector control gives us reliable continuity plus a unique, in-depth understanding of the issues involved. This also includes our joint activities with our HealthCare division in saving people from Chagas and sleeping sickness.

But it is not enough just to understand the strategies and political processes at a global level. We know the regional experts too and help the people at a local level by offering services to back up our product and operational expertise. Sustainable, customized strategies and solutions for resistance management are an essential part of our work. Integrated Vector Management (IVM), in fact.

This history of innovation, education, and stewardship underlines our commitment to providing solutions that benefit people, improve their health and quality of life whilst being mindful of the environment.

We have the history and expertise to be your partner.


Being in effective partnerships to combat vector-borne diseases is a key aspect of our 360° Vector Control. These can extend from multi-stakeholder initiatives with governments and NGOs to collaborative research projects with universities and other business projects. We find that sharing knowledge and know-how gives us inspiration and provides us all with an opportunity to share new ideas on prevention and control with the people of different countries and cultures.

Bayer is involved in private-private, private-public and product development partnerships with third-parties such as the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC), CAMA*, GBCHealth*, AMP* and as a member of the private sector deligation to Roll Back Malaria Partnership and The Global Fund.

We can be your partner too.


Portfolio & Innovation
Bayer offers a unique and comprehensive portfolio of products. We have the capacities and the global reach to extend our activities with regard to vector management future needs.

We are conscious of the importance of Integrated Vector Management and therefore are committed to providing a range of alternative, novel solutions which serve the needs of the vector control community.

We are developing several projects which address all our product categories for sustainable resistance management.

Our product development takes a holistic approach – taking into consideration the important elements of packaging waste-disposal, transportation cost and cost-effectiveness. Our aim is to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness for disease-control programs. The correct use of our products reduces resistance build-up.

Our solutions for you: Ficam®, K-Othrine®, Aqua Reslin®, LifeNet®, Barcelo®, etc.

We have the portfolio and innovation to be your partner.


Global Advocacy
Bayer signed the London Declaration 2013 to help eliminate certain neglected tropical diseases and increase international awareness through global advocacy. We support several advocacy groups – of both institutions and NGOs – who are committed to putting this story onto the agendas of politicians, opinion-makers and the media.

By raising awareness and arousing interest, we communicate the relevant issues to a broader audience of people and create a foundation for future partnerships. Our activities also include cultivating global expert networks with external institutes.

We know about global advocacy to be your partner.


Training & Education
Integrated Vector Management projects have a better chance of being sustained if the communities adopt them. So we deploy groups of experts to train local teams from national vector control programs on the correct use of our products. Bayer facilitates technology access and networking in order to increase the impact of local entomology training.

But different approaches are required for different target groups. We have also developed cartoon booklets to show children how to use bed nets, prevent being bitten by mosquitoes and recognize the early signs of malaria. Also, since 1985, we have been regularly publishing the Bayer Public Health Journal. This covers vector and pest control and their effects on public health, with informative articles that focus on important real world issues written by experts in the field.

We know about training and education to be your partner. Let us get in touch At Bayer, we want to join you and your community in your battle against vector-borne diseases. Taking action together today could let us protect even more people’s lives tomorrow.

The conversation has already started; it is time to join in.

Let us be partners.

Fighting vector-borne diseases together.